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6 Ways Men Are Killing Their $perm Unknowingly

Leaving stress unattended to. A man who is always stressed, maybe due to overworking, is inadvertently killing his swimmers. 

Every body function, including sp3rm production, is affected by stress. Researchers found out that men with anxiety issues tend to have abnormally shaped sp3rm and sp3rm with mobility issues. Now, an immobile sp3rm is useless because they have to swim far to marry an egg for conception.

Drinking too much. Alcohol is a big enemy of $p3rm. In fact, the British Medical Journal suggests that having as little as five drinks (alcohol) weekly can ‘adversely affect’ to Fluid quality.

Smoking too much. Blowing the smoke always has a negative impact on sp3rm quality. However, a researcher says, once a man quits, his system immediately starts generating healthier $p3rm.
6 Ways Men Are Killing Their $perm Unknowingly 
Piling up extra weight. Being fit has a lot of advantages. Being fat lowers sp3rm production and can cause erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence? Losing just a little amount of weight can help.

Staying too much in hot areas. Being exposed to too much heat regularly has dire consequences for a man’s sp3rm. A welder for example might be at risk. A man’s genital region needs to be cooler than the other parts of the body, not hotter.
Always carrying a phone in the front pocket. Studies have shown that there is the rad!ation a mobile phone emits so close to the scrotal area causes as much a 9% drop in live sp3rm per Fluid sample. So it better to hold the phone or carry it in a case or, at worse, the back pocket. If you have hopes of getting a child in the future, now might be a time to be conscious of your lifestyle, instead of worrying later.

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