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Very Important Health Alert -- The 8 Foods Not To Eat When You’re Tired!!

A blow of slack? What if it came from your plate? Contrary to what one thinks, not all foods give energy. On the contrary, some of them pump on digestion or because of the chemicals they contain. The point with Naturopath specialized in nutrition Anne-Laure Jaffrelo.

White bread, cereals without interest for the body: Unlike wholemeal bread, white bread contains refined cereals , devoid of their envelope (or pod) and their germ. “Refining results in the loss of the vitamins, minerals and trace elements contained in the pod,” says Anne-Laure Jaffrelo, naturopath. “They are no more difficult to digest – they contain less fiber – but do not provide the benefits of whole grains,” she adds. The result: from fatigue to digestion , without any nutritive contribution to the body.
Very Important Health Alert -- The 8 Foods Not To Eat When You’re Tired!!
The board of the naturopath: For bread, pasta, rice or semolina, go to full and semi-complete cereals , preferably from organic farming . Indeed, “the pods of the cereals store all the pesticides widely used in standard agriculture, more rarely in organic farming”, details the naturopath.

White sugar, the enemy of the immune system: A candy, and it starts again? Nothing is less certain, since sweets, cakes and other sweets contain white sugar , a refined sugar without interest for the organism and whose digestion draws a lot of energy . “White sugar has to be banned, it is a false purveyor of energy,” says Anne-Laure Jaffrelo.

The explanation of the naturopath: “The white sugar acts negatively on the entire immune system . It acidifies the body and draws from mineral reserves to balance blood homeostasis, “explains Anne-Laure Jaffrelo. As a result, ” we are exhausted internally , it is a vicious circle in which we alternate between phases of hypo- and hyperglycemia, which fatigues all the glands of the body” warns the naturopath.

What to replace? White sugar is exchanged for complete sugar, rich in vitamins and minerals, which can be cooked in the same way as white sugar. Complete sugar bonus: “It has no impact on children’s teeth and does not cause cavities, because it does not cause acidification or demineralization,” Anne-Laure Jaffrelo tells us.

Coffee, station at the blow of pump: The coffee against fatigue, a good idea? Indeed, if its consumption acts as a boost, it is to better fall back into a stroke right after.

The naturopath’s explanation: “Black coffee, even without sugar, causes blood sugar peaks, which will boost the adrenal glands before leading to tiredness,” says Anne-Laure Jaffrelo.

Should coffee be removed? “You have to find a happy medium to have fun without abusing,” advises the naturopath. “Drink a cup of coffee in the morning if you like it, but avoid black coffee between meals.”

What to replace? “Opt for a spice tea like cinnamon or ginger , accompanied by lemon , or for rooibos (” red tea “without theine), which will warm and tone,” suggests Anne-Laure Jaffrelo.

Fats, choose them well: Fatty foods restore energy and warm up. They are not excluded in case of fatigue, but be careful, not all fats are worth each other from a nutritional point of view.

Avoid: Margarines and denatured oils such as refined oils or frying (rapeseed, palm or sunflower oil). “As they are heated at high temperatures, the fatty acids they contain are altered and become toxic,” warns Anne-Laure Jaffrelo.

To be preferred: Virgin vegetable oils like olive oil or walnut oil , preferably raw, advises the naturopath.
The steak-fries: especially not in the evening! Some mixtures, such as steak and chips, are not recommended, especially in the evening: ” Red meat , like the saturated fats contained in the frying oil, is too heavy for the evening, and can disturb sleep. Which would further aggravate your fatigue, “says Anne-Laure Jaffrelo. Unconditional steak-fried enthusiasts, put it rather on the menu of the lunch to avoid complicating the digestion nocturne.

Another mixture to avoid:The pizza, which combines bread and melted cheese , mixture too heavy to sleep well,” reveals the naturopath.
What to eat in the evening? At dinner, prefer fish or vegetable proteins (lentils, chickpeas, beans, dried fruits, nuts …).

Prepared dishes, complex to digest: Too tired to cook, you opt for a prepared industrial dish . Bad idea ! “The additives and the excess salt that this meal contains will make complex and tiring adigestion , for a low nutritional interest,” reveals Anne-Laure Jaffrelo.

Also beware of the cooking mode:
this type of dish is often heated in the microwave. “This cooking alters the molecular structure of the food, resulting in a tired immune reaction to the body,” warns the naturopath.

The right reflex: To take care of your diet, choose fruits and vegetables in season . “As the winter approaches, we think of pumpkin, chestnut and chestnuts: they feed the spleen, an important organ of the immune system,” advises Anne-Laure Jaffrelo.

Alcohol, in moderation! As the well-known warning says, alcohol is a drink that must be consumed in moderation. And this is all the more true in case of fatigue. Alcohol will slow digestion, which tires the body. “Its consumption must therefore remain occasional,” concludes Anne-Laure Jaffrelo.

Sodas, to be replaced with fresh juices: The sodas contain either white sugar or aspartame. “The sweet taste of aspartame, a synthetic sweetener, causes, like white sugar, a discharge of insulin from the pancreas, which tires the body unnecessarily,” explains Anne-Laure Jaffrelo.

Why replace them? Good fresh fruit juices . “The best being homemade fruit and vegetable juices, rich in vitamins and trace elements,” suggests the naturopath.

How much water should you drink?
At the same time, think about hydrating yourself while drinking to your thirst. “But do not force yourself, at the risk of tiring the kidneys. And to preserve these organs, if you drink bottled water, choose mineralized waters, “says Anne-Laaff Jaffrelo. He adds: “prefer to drink hot rather than cold water to limit fatigue and warm the body.”

Thanks to Anne-Laure Jaffrelo, naturopath and author of the books feeding the natural (2010) and En forme au naturel (2013), Editions Alternatives Gallimard, collection Tout beau, tout bio.


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