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You Can Not Imagine What Happens To Your Body After Drinking Coca Cola!!

Drinking soda is a very well-established habit almost all over the world at any time of the day and throughout the year. Sodas and sugary drinks are very harmful to our health.

In this article, we will take stock of the negative effects of soda.

The consumption of soda: Each year, 215 liters of soda are consumed per person in America. This worrying number is an indication of a steady decline in health in the United States.

BMD test results: Recently, according to a study in 2005, 1413 women and 1125 men participated in a bone mineral density (BMD) test. And the results confirmed that most women who consume soda every day have a lower BMD.

Side effect of Soda: # 1 it destroys calcium: The phosphoric acid present in Coca Cola participates in the release of calcium, which destroys the bones of your body.
You Can Not Imagine What Happens To Your Body After Drinking Coca Cola!!
Weight gain or obesity: Drinking coca daily adds a considerable amount of calories in our diet, which leads to an increase in weight up to almost 6.5 kilograms per year.

Fructose affecting the liver: Extracts of fructose, which are one of the main ingredients in soda, may contain traces of mercury that severely affect the liver. Two cans of coke can do a lot of damage to a healthy body.

DiabetesA can contains almost 10 teaspoons of sugar. Over time, this can lead to diabetes.

High risk of cancer: Carcinogenic substances in soda can cause or aggravate cancer.

Heart disease: The sugar in the sodas increases the chances of heart attack.

Artificial sweeteners: Artificial sweeteners used to substitute sugar are revealed to be very dangerous to the body. This disrupts the body’s normal metabolism and increases the risk of having cholesterol.

Significant dental problems: Being strongly acidic, sodas create a suitable environment for the multiplication of bacteria in the mouth.


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